Samsung RSG5DUMH American Style Fridge Freezer

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The Samsung RSG5DUMH is an American Style Fridge Freezer with a very large capacity. The side-by-side refrigerator and freezer in the Samsung RSG5DUMH are powered by a separately controlled cooling system that uses Samsung's Multi Flow system. This technology enables better food preservation due to the elimination of fluctuations in temperature which can lead to food being stored in an unstable environment.

No American style fridge freezer would be complete without an automatic water and ice dispenser and the Samsung RSG5DUMH is no exception. This feature is found on the external panel the freezer door. The dispenser supplies chilled filtered water on demand and produces cubed and crushed ice as required. The design of the tap has thoughtfully been made large enough to accommodate tall glasses.

Inside the Samsung RSG5DUMH there are four strengthened glass shelves, a large vegetable drawer and a fruit draw as well as can and wine storage racks.

The Samsung RSG5DUMH is a very classy fridge freezer that is packed with features and would be welcome in any kitchen throughout the land. Pick up the Samsung RSG5DUMH at the best price today!

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